Introducing Kalao Vision V2 — Your NFT Gallery on Avalanche

Multiplayer, customization & more

3 min readJan 3, 2023

At Kalao, we are committed to building immersive experiences at the intersection of NFTs, VR and the Metaverse. After the V2 update to our marketplace, we are excited to announce the V2 of our NFT gallery called “Kalao Vision” — the next step towards our big vision. (hehehe … see what I did there?)

🔗 Direct Kalao Vision integration on the Kalao marketplace

🎨 Gallery Customization

🫂 Multiplayer mode

⚙️ Migration to Unreal Engine 5

New V2 features

Kalao Vision allows you to create your own NFT gallery and share it with friends and the broader Avalanche community. You can also stroll through the virtual galleries of others and buy the showcased NFTs. Kalao Vision is available for desktop and VR headsets.

The newest update adds multiple new features:

Direct Kalao Vision integration on the Kalao marketplace

Kalao Vision is now more closely integrated with our marketplace

  • Explore galleries directly from the homepage
  • See a 360° demo of the gallery on it’s marketplace page
  • Buy items displayed in the gallery from the gallery’s marketplace page

Gallery Customization

While Kalao Vision V1 already provided you with several gallery templates to set the right ambience for your NFTs, V2 takes it a few steps further. You can now fully customize galleries to personalize your NFT showroom.

Multiplayer mode

Kalao Vision is your virtual space to meet the Avalanche NFT community!

Host a gallery and invite other people to join your event. Chat with others via text and voice.

As an artist, this allows you to create closer relationships with your community. You can also use art exhibitions to promote and sell your artworks. Creators can set up a gallery with their NFTs to bring additional attention to their collections. Their galleries will be featured on their creator profile on the marketplace.

As a collector, galleries are an opportunity to discover and connect with new upcoming artists and other collectors.

Migration to Unreal Engine 5

We’ve updated to Unreal Engine 5, allowing for higher graphical fidelity. Users (windows users only for now) can also enjoy our new lighting system.

About Kalao

Kalao is an NFT and Metaverse ecosystem built on Avalanche. Our product suite includes an NFT marketplace, NFT launchpad (Kalao Go), a whitelabel NFT marketplace engine (for example for web3 in-game marketplaces) and a Metaverse experience on PC and in VR (Kalao Vision, Kalao Citadel).

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