Kalao | $KLO Token Utility

4 min readSep 16, 2021

Kalao is an NFT ecosystem. We offer a cost-effective and easy-to-use Marketplace, powered by a combination of the Avalanche blockchain technology and outstanding Kalao Vision capabilities.

Users will be able to buy, sell and create NFTs on the Kalao marketplace, showcase their collections virtually in a gallery and live unique experiences through the possibilities offered by Kalao Vision.

Kalao aims to build a competitive, decentralized, future-proof and sustainable token economics integrating one important objective : incentivize and reward community.

The $KLO token will be one of the main currencies of the Kalao ecosystem, amongst $AVAX and FIAT. This token will have a number of features that we detail below, these will be developed as the project progresses.

The Kalao marketplace will allow users to unlock scalable features depending on their number of staked $KLO tokens.

Let’s deep dive at the various use cases of the $KLO token :

Tier thresholds and use cases are subject to changes taking into consideration evolution and progress of the roadmap as well as $KLO token value.

Kalao | Marketplace :

The NFT marketplace will be the first solution to be released by Kalao. Built on the Avalanche network, transactions will be fast, secure and most importantly cost effective.

Users will be able to buy, sell, create and collect NFTs on the Kalao marketplace. The $KLO token will be one of the main currencies in the Kalao ecosystem and will support plenty of use cases in the marketplace.

Buying and selling NFTs : A service fee of 2.5% is applied to each transaction in the Kalao marketplace. This is a rate which applies when using $AVAX or Fiat to cover service fees.

Depending on the number of $KLO staked by the user, this fee rate can be reduced to a minimum of 1.25%.

25% of collected fees will be reallocated to the DAO wallet while remaining 75% will mainly be used to develop the platform.

Kalao Governance : $KLO tokens represent voting shares rights in the Kalao governance. To be eligible to vote, you must hold or stake $KLO in your wallet.

Running marketing campaigns and promoting an NFT on the platform : by publishing an NFT on the Kalao marketplace, users will be able to promote and increase visibility of the NFT being sold.

Access to exclusive NFT’s drop : Kalao aims at listing exclusive and rare NFT collections. Get access to these collections by staking your $KLO.

Kalao | Vision :

Kalao is developing a unique way to experience NFTs. Imagine a gallery that’s truly your own — Collectors, Creators, Artists and Musicians will not only be able to organize their NFT collection, but also build their own tailor made virtual space.

Have you ever had the chance to watch an NFT while turning around it? It’s quite possible that you haven’t and that’s what the Kalao Vision will offer you. A brand new way of understanding the artists’ work. Artists are no longer limited to a 2D display, they can access 3D thanks to the Kalao Vision.

Kalao | Vision brings a new virtual reality.

The Kalao Vision is composed of all the galleries proposed by Kalao as well as potential galleries that you can buy and trade on the marketplace. Indeed, each gallery is represented by an NFT : 1 gallery = 1 NFT.

Buy your gallery, organize your showroom or your event and then, sell this gallery directly on the Kalao marketplace.

Different packages of features and services depending on your account tier (directly linked to number of $KLO staked) :

  • Additional slots for displaying NFTs in your galleries
  • Several backup slots to share several galleries at the same time
  • Several levels of customization capabilities ranging from a simple color change to full personalization of the room to have it completely unique
  • Advanced sharing options

Kalao | Dao :

Kalao rewards its active users with $KLO. This means loyal users might be the ones who ultimately make the decisions and vote on system upgrades, new features and new services.

25% of collected service fees is directly transferred to a wallet owned by the DAO. Platform users will be able to vote on how to best use the funds: new features, new services, collaboration with an artist and many other opportunities.

Users will have the possibility to vote for :

A new verified account : certifying an account and therefore increasing reliability is possible through Kalao DAO. On demand, a user could decide to get his account certified. It is up to him to initiate the request and provide all the evidence before requesting the community to vote and certify. A total of 85% of votes would be required to get the account certified.

Support new platform features : new features will be submitted to the community for prioritization and the community can submit their preferences by voting with the $KLO token.

Support grant projects : Kalao is an inclusive project, teams and developers willing to build on top of the Kalao project can be supported by grants from the company.

The Kalao mechanism allows the community to have a say in who receives these grants by voting with the $KLO token.