Kalao rebrands to embrace meme culture on Avalanche.

3 min readMar 22, 2024

Kalao rebrands to embrace meme culture on Avalanche.

Since day one, Kalao has been building on Avalanche to showcase culture, NFTs and Metaverse. Today, Kalao is rebranding to become the leading NFT platform for meme collections.

We want to be the place for fun and culture.

Kalao is an integral part of the Avalanche story. Over the years, our goal has been to innovate and build an NFT ecosystem on the red Chain.

We’ve always wanted to inovate, through virtual galleries, the citadel that brings together the Avalanche ecosystem in a metaverse, the ability to create your own NFT without any technical knowledge in a matter of seconds, and so many other things.

That’s why we’ve decided to change the form without compromising on the substance. Kalao becomes a meme in appearance, but with solid foundations.

Kalao is the first project with a utility that rebrands itself as a meme for culture.

Today, Kalao’s strength lies in its token. Kalao will become the first meme token with staking revenues that can be assured for the next few years at the current rate of 10% per year.

Almost all the KLOs have been distributed, leaving a small part of the vesting of the team and advisors which will end in 2024. Token distribution is healthy, with over 8,200 holders.

Our goal is to create a new paradigm and make Avalanche the ecosystem for meme NFT collection that represents the essence of Web3 and WTF.

We are launching the What The Fungible program (WTF). We’ll be supporting projects with the funniest/most original submissions, provide them with technical support to create contracts, promote their collection and provide a $KLO fund to finance their marketing campaign and reward their community.

We will allocate 20M $KLO ($150,000 at current valuation) for the WTF Program.

For the culture, on Avalanche.

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