Kalao — Your NFT ecosystem

A Product Suite for digital and virtual worlds

Kalao Marketplace V2

  • Intuitive UX which closely resembles the e-commerce experiences you are already familiar with, including an add-to-cart feature, a quicker checkout workflow, and credit card integration.
  • Advanced analytics so you can identify trending collections easily
  • New features to improve NFT liquidity (Collections offers, trait bidding)
  • We will continue pushing features that make creating and trading NFTs easier, cheaper and more liquid.

Kalao Go

Kalao Vision

Kalao Citadel


  • Product focus: Delivering state-of-the-art user experiences
  • Community first: We believe a motivated community is a major competitive advantage in web3, where user stickiness and switching costs are usually low.
  • Decentralized: You get to own your assets in the metaverse. Why is this important? Read our article!



A next generation marketplace

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