Launch your NFT collection with Kalao Go

3 min readJun 13, 2022


Kalao Go makes NFT drops easy for creators.

Ready to launch your NFT collection? Go!

Launching an NFT collection is a lot of work. You need to create the art, the brand, do marketing, manage your community and build the minting smart contracts and frontend.

As a creator, you either do it all by yourself and lose many sleepless nights, or outsource some of the work and get an outcome of unknown quality.

The easier solution: Launch your NFT collection through Kalao Go.

We do the coding, assist you in marketing and act as an advisor for you to have a successful launch and a happy community of collectors. And best of all, if your project qualifies, it’s completely free!

Kalao Go supports your NFT drop from start to finish


We have audited minting smart contracts ready for your use. You won’t have to create any smart contracts, nor pay outside developers with the risk that they might rug your project.

We customize our code based on your needs

  • Optional whitelist
  • Multiple sale mechanics available, such as fixed price mints or dutch auctions (soon)
  • Set your royalty fee
  • Personalizable minting page to fit your NFT style


To reach a big audience and build a strong community, we assist you with content sharing, content creation, AMAs on our Twitter page, and banners on the front page of our marketplace.

We will also introduce you to our network of NFT artists and NFT KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) for tips and potential collabs.

Advisory & Support

Whether you have questions around NFT pricing, sales mechanics, roadmapping, marketing or something else, we have an expert for every topic on our team that is happy to help you. Of course, we will also be here for you after your NFT launch.

If you are a traditional artist looking to get into NFTs without scaring away your exisiting fans, we can help you find the best way of doing so.

Launch on Kalao Go — for free

All our services are free of charge.

✅No upfront fee
✅No performance fee

You need that money to build.

Launching on Kalao Go is also great for your community

  • Kalao is built on Avalanche, resulting in cheap and fast transactions on a secure blockchain
  • Kalao v2 (releasing soon) provides a state-of-the-art UX. Your community can be onboarded easily, for example by using credit card payments instead of going through crypto.
  • The Kalao Citadel provides you and your community with a space in the Metaverse to connect.

👉 Interested in launching a NFT collection and building a community around your art? Reach out to us.

About Kalao

Kalao is an NFT and Metaverse ecosystem built on Avalanche. Our product suite includes an NFT marketplace, NFT launchpad (Kalao Go), a whitelabel NFT marketplace engine (for example for in-app marketplaces in blockchain games) and a Metaverse experience on PC and in VR (Kalao Vision, Kalao Citadel).

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