Monthly Recap: February 2023

The Citadel is here!

2 min readMar 3, 2023

Time for you to meet the Avalanche community in our social sandbox.

Kalao News

The Kalao Citadel is live

The Citadel is THE social space for the Avalanche community. Meet other members, talk about NFTs (& other things but NFTs make for the best topics), and join or host events.

👉 Download the Citadel now!

Live events kick off Citadel Season

We hosted a launch event on Feb 17th & a live DJ set together with our partners playaverse on Feb 23rd.

30 lucky attendees were rewarded with a limited-edition PlayaHat NFT. The item comes with a special skill — it launches a thunderbolt whenever a player jumps ⚡

Special thanks to @playaverse @MaisonGhost @Mercer_Music @cryptodeejayz

The chickens take over the Metaverse

Visit the Chikn showroom in the Citadel.

Marketplace Stats

The Kalao launchpad hosted 3 mints in February: Shilly Yetis, LevelUp, and AxA by muimooi, an established artist on Ethereum and Solana who released their first collection on Avalanche with us.

Avalanche Ecosystem Recap

@GetLocoNow, the biggest eSports streaming platform in India is building a subnet.

@Dexalotcom launches subnet to provide its CLOB with fast UX all while being on-chain. Dexalot makes use of a hybrid dual-chain architecture to allow users to deposit on their C-Chain for a seamless onboarding, while trading happens on the faster and cheaper subnet.

@DOS_Labs, the team behind Battle Royale game @Meta_DOS, releases gaming subnet

Avalanche introduces HyperSDK

Turn-based strategy card game Rune Seeker will come to Avalanche

@a16zcrypto releases Subnets explainer video with @_patrickogrady

@ArtOnAvax goes live

Community Corner