Monthly Recap: January 2023

1 min readFeb 2, 2023

New year, new updates!

Kalao News

Guides for Kalao NFT Galleries

On January 3rd, we launched Kalao Vision V2, the newest version of our virtual NFT galleries.

Get up-to-date with our guides:


How to visit galleries

How to create your own gallery

Multiplayer mode

Built in Unreal Engine 5

Teasers 👀

The team is working hard on finishing up the minigames for the Citadel, Kalao’s metaverse experience. We will release teasers and first looks along the way as we get closer to launch.

Marketplace Stats

6 NFT collections launched on the Kalao Go launchpad in January, among them Rumble Bunnies and Figured Catharsis by 0xMargo.

Avalanche Ecosystem Recap

Avalanche x AWS

Avalanche NFTs on Shopify

Stardust is coming to Avalanche

ReadyPlayerDAO partners with Avalanche to support Avalanche games with content creation

Community Corner

About Kalao

Kalao is an NFT and Metaverse ecosystem built on Avalanche. Our product suite includes an NFT marketplace, NFT launchpad (Kalao Go), a whitelabel NFT marketplace engine (for example for web3 in-game marketplaces) and a Metaverse experience on PC and in VR (Kalao Vision, Kalao Citadel).

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