Monthly Recap: September 2022

We continued shipping features and improvements to our V2 throughout the month and had big mints! Here are the highlights of September.

Kalao News

We didn’t stop after the launch of the V2 of our marketplace in August. September saw several updates including:

  • Property offers
  • English auctions
  • Support for audio and video files
  • Query optimization to reduce response time in the search var to <1 second
  • Allowing users to open multiple tabs!
  • Fixes for our mobile site
  • … & more

Check out our docs to learn about all the new features of V2! There you’ll also find tutorial videos showing you how to get the most out of collection offers, property offers, add-to-cart, etc.

Our new article highlights the products we are building to build immersive experiences at the intersection of NFTs, VR and the Metaverse.

We decided to move to Discord to best serve your questions and provide you with a place to talk about Kalao and NFTs.

✅ Separate channels, such as user support, artist help, art discussions
✅ Reduced spam and better bot protection
✅ Unify the community on one platform for better conversations

👉 Join our Discord with 17k+ members

Marketplace Stats

As mentioned in our August recap, we decided to reduce the number of mints per week with the goal of giving each artist and their art more attention. September still saw BIG mints, including Pulsar, Positive Vibes, a community collection of 52 artists from the Metamorph Studio, and the collaboration ‘Raptorz in Daydream’ between TapTapKaboom and RaptOriginZ. Our launchpad hosted 7 NFT drops in total.

We also started an artist spotlight series on Twitter to highlight established and upcoming NFT talents on Avalanche.

October Outlook

We will continue with 1–2 weekly mints throughout October as this schedule has proven itself in September.

On November 8, Kalao will celebrate its 1 year anniversary🥳. Celebrating alone is boring, so we want to create a lasting memory with our community. Announcement coming soon 👀

Avalanche Ecosystem Recap

Community Corner



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