We welcome our new Advisor John Nahas

2 min readAug 3, 2021


We are pleased to welcome a new advisor on board for strategic sales.

John Nahas

John Nahas is Senior Director of Buisness Development at Ava labs, where he supports the growth of Avalanche Ecosystem.

He acquired over 11 years of experience working with FinTech and Start-Up companies, developping growing strategies. He is FinTech, digital assets, and blockchain specialist. But he has a high skilled in institutional leadership, management, marketing, international trade and finance, business strategy, parnetships, investor relations and negotiation to drive company growth.

He is Director of the LA BlockchainLab and contributes to industry groups and policy organizations.

Previously, he led several companies like Tokenvault, Engeocom, Invicta Petroleum, Mic.com.. with notable results and achievements.

His experience and high level of expertise fits exactly our company concept and will bring high added value in Kalao’s development strategy.

We are pleased to have him by our side, build up right from the start and shape the future successfully, all together!